What is SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Google, Yandex, Bing etc. rank higher in search engine searches.

What is SEO is one of the most frequently asked questions. SEO Service is to enable your customers to find you by ranking high in the results of the organic sections of the searches they make with the search engines that are frequently used around the world in the field where you carry out your activities. The right research and strategy to be done in SEO studies will ensure that your site appears in the top ranks for many years.

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Correct Keywords

While providing SEO services, we analyze your target keywords and determine it to not exceed 4-5 words.

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The Right Strategy

We integrate the determined keywords into your site according to search engine optimization rules.

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Correct Results with SEO

We are continuing the necessary arrangements for it to be fixed in an ossified manner in search results.



First of all, a road map and a list of requirements are determined on how to proceed, and a competitive analysis is made.



In the determined seo service work roadmap, keywords are determined and detailed planning is made according to google analysis. You can come to our company for an interview for your Ankara seo expert needs.



The keywords determined in the SEO work are integrated into your site according to the SEO rules, and their registration with the search engines is completed.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimizaton), means that your website will appear on the internet by ensuring that it rank high in the ad-free sections of all search engines' organic results. Seo service is one of the most needed services of companies today.

What does SEO do?

Websites with SEO services will rank higher in the searches that your potential customers will make in search engines with your keywords. In this way, your customers can easily find you.

Is SEO necessary?

Sites that have a website but do not receive seo service will be found only for those who know you, because your site will not be visible in any of the search engines. The main thing is to ensure that your customers who do not know you reach you.

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Information About SEO

SEO service, in short, means getting yourself a good place in search engines by making the best of your website settings.

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Why is SEO Service Necessary? what is it? what it is not? techniques?

With the development of technology, people started to reach the products or services they were looking for very easily. Now you can order food while sitting at your home or workplace, and reach your favorite clothes.

For this, you can compare online without having to visit the store, order the most suitable one for you, and even pay by seeing the product delivered to your door. While things have become so easy for the customer, the opposite is true for the seller.

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Terapi Media - Search Engine Optimization

Why is SEO Service Necessary?

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Be at the forefront

You need to be at the forefront in the digital competitive environment. Dozens of articles can be written on the subject of what needs to be done to be at the forefront. To give a few examples, you may be selling the best, highest quality product at the cheapest price, or you may be the most talented doctor, engineer, hairdresser or dentist in the area. Customers who come to you can recommend you to others. But how do you reach those who don't know about you?

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Quality service

The internet is the best way to market your product or describe your service today. There are two steps you need to do for this. Firstly, you should design a quality web page, and secondly, you should describe your work in the content of this web page very well. After doing all this, the most important action remains. To be able to place yourself in this competition. In order for the quality site you have prepared to reach customers, you need to rank high in Google.


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With the advent of the Internet age, people do most of their searches through search engines such as Google. According to a study, most internet users type their keyword into the search engine to find the product they are looking for, check the titles to find the closest result to the information or product they are looking for, and visit the websites found here by looking at the first two pages of the search engine. In other words, no matter how many quality sites you make or if you enter the best quality content, it is difficult for you to come to good places if you cannot show it to the user.


Expert staff

This is where SEO experts come into play. With our qualified and experienced SEO experts, we accept your site as our own, make all the necessary adjustments and work day and night to make our pages appear at the top of the search engines. If you want to work with a SEO expert, we will be waiting for you.

Rank higher in search engines, especially Google

As the Terapi Team, we can help you with your SEO work.

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SEO is the improvement and editing work done for search engines such as Google to better understand our page.
Let's take a brief look at what these cover.

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It is necessary to help Google bots crawl the site easily by minimizing HTML or structural errors on your ...

page. The less difficulty Google bots have when examining the site, the more they will want to visit your page, as a result, the number of indexing will increase and your site will rise in Google.


According to a study, users do not prefer sites that open in more than 3 seconds and close them without ...

waiting for the site to open. In addition, Google bots do not want to spend much time on slow-opening pages and the indexing rate decreases. For this reason, the opening speed of your page should be increased and the slowing factors should be eliminated. You can use Google's Page Speed Insight program to measure and increase page speed.


When Google bots visit your page, you need to direct them correctly about the page content. With a ...

proper sitemap, if you allow Google bots to navigate through the site without tiring, the indexing rate will increase and your page will rise.


With the development of websites, code rates have increased and javascript and css files have emerged ...

to reduce them. But this process brought extra work by Google bots. While Google bots are scanning your web page, they go on another trip, find js and css files among other files and examine them. More js and css files should not be used, as it is an issue that is not liked very much by bots, and the obligatory ones should be gathered under a single CSS and js file.


With the advent of smartphones, half of web searches are now made from mobile environments. You should ...

ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and responsive, and you should minimize mobile errors.


The experience of your site visitors while viewing your site will create a sense of how much you value ...

your business, and accordingly, the quality of your customer portfolio will increase. The color tones you use on your site are very important even in terms of not getting tired of the user's eyes. Because this will closely affect the length of time your potential customers stay on your site.

On-Site - Off-Site SEO Service Studies

The SEO arrangements that need to be made to ensure the above-mentioned arrangements are divided into two as On Page (on site) and Off Page (off site) works.

Regulations regarding the internal structure of your site

On Site - On Page Studies

Creating a non-copy, original content for your website is one of the most important criteria in SEO. If the user who reaches your web page cannot find the information he is looking for, he will close your site without spending much time and will not visit your site again. For this reason, you should ensure that your content is more original than the standard content that gives the information the user is looking for and that he encounters everywhere.

It is important to research how Users search before preparing content. For this, you need to focus on what the user is searching for by using sites that show search volumes.

The title and meta descriptions are a summary for your page. When the user searches on Google, if he sees the words he is looking for in your title or meta description, he will visit your page, otherwise he will go to other pages.

If users coming to your page encounter a complex structure within the site, they will leave the page before long. In order for the user not to leave the page, a proper in-site linking should be made so that the user can easily find the information they are looking for on the page, so that they stay on the page longer.

Regulations regarding the external structure of your site

Off Site - Off Page Studies

It is the most important work done outside the page. Backlink means the links given to other pages to recommend your page. Although it has begun to lose its importance over time, it is still a remarkable subject. There is a delicate balance by Google when it comes to getting backlinks. If you make the mistakes mentioned below, your site will be penalized by Google.
If your site's content is not of quality and you have too many backlinks, Google will detect it and impose a penalty on your site.

  • If the number of visitors to your page is low, but the number of recommenders is high,
  • If you have backlinks from sites that have nothing to do with your site,
  • If you have received backlinks from sites penalized by Google,
  • If you have received backlinks from sites that sell backlinks for money,
  • If you have received backlinks from illegal sites, you may be penalized by Google and cause your page to be banned.

Another of the off-site SEO works is to promote your site on social media. You can achieve this in various ways. You can open an account related to your site or promote the site from the accounts you have used.
You can promote your site in various forums or share it among users due to the quality of your work, and you can get natural backlinks to your site from there.

Google has its own algorithms when ranking among web pages. One of them is how many people visit the page and how long the visitors spend on the site. If a visitor who visits your page does not spend much time on the site and leaves immediately, your site is either called poor quality content or a site that is not worth spending time on by Google, which is not desired by the site owners.
It is necessary to enrich the content in order to increase the time the users stay on the page. In addition, the content should be supported with various pictures and videos, and care should be taken not to bore the visitors on the page. It is important to maintain balance while providing all these. If you are trying to keep the user on the page with more than enough text, unnecessary information, or similar content, this may cause a backlash and reduce the quality of your page.

One of the most important off-page SEO criteria is competitor analysis. When the keywords selected in the competitor analysis are examined, it is revealed as a result of examining the sites at the top with the same product or service as you. As a result, well-done issues are taken into account. Errors are detected and what needs to be done to beat the opponents is done.

One of Google's parameters is to prepare user-friendly content. When preparing your page, you should prepare it for the user, not for Google bots. In other words, the articles that do not contain any errors in the SEO settings, but do not provide any information to the user, only prevent the Google bots from finding errors, are not welcomed by the users and the prestige of your site decreases.

In summary, whether it is On-Page SEO or Off-Page SEO, you always have to maintain a balance. Your content should be neither short nor long, give the necessary information, but avoid unnecessary repetitions, give importance to images, but the page should not consist of only pictures and videos, it should get enough quality backlinks, but not overdo it. If you fulfill all these, you can sit back and follow where your page is on Google.

Terapi Media SEO Team

The right company for the right results

You should work with the right company to get the right results.

SEO Optimization

What are we doing about SEO?

Terapi SEO service works start from the very beginning. We take your page from you and accept it as our own page.
We are working hard day and night to get our page to the top in Google. The techniques we do for this are;

On-site SEO Work

As part of on-site SEO;


Errors in your site's HTML codes, structural errors published by schema.org are found and corrected.


The most suitable keywords are determined by examining the keywords and search volumes in the field in which you will compete.


The factors that slow down the site speed are found, necessary corrections are made and the opening speed of the site is maximized.


This section, where definition information about the site is given, is structured with the most appropriate words.


It is used by choosing the most appropriate titles within the site, the titles are the most appropriate way used by Google to understand what the content of your site is.


The site map of the site is extracted and redesigned in the most appropriate way to guide Google bots.


In order for Google bots to navigate the site comfortably, places that should not be blocked are shown.


It is the section where metas are applied, such as taking advantage of the cache feature to increase the speed of your site.


It is the section made to enable Google bots to navigate comfortably within the site by building internal links within the site.

Site Dışı SEO Çalışması

Within the scope of off-site SEO;


Increasing the awareness of the page by building external backlinks and increasing the number of recommenders. It is very important to maintain balance while doing this.


To ensure the recognition of the page by sharing on social media accounts.


The leading sites related to the competing industry are examined and necessary preparations are made to better place ourselves to surpass them.

In other words, we take your site from you and accept it as our own page. We keep you away from dealing with all these techniques for affordable prices and allow you to concentrate on your own work. We, on the other hand, ensure that your site is at the top of Google by performing competitor analysis with the necessary techniques. We follow the site with you, follow the rankings and step in again if it is overtaken by other competitors. We are working to ensure that the site is always in the place it deserves on solid foundations.

Terapi Media SEO Team

What is SEO, What is not SEO?

I will be the first one immediately

SEO is not about ranking your site in the 1st place by choosing certain words. SEO means that your site is well promoted to Google. The better Google knows your site, the more it will value and introduce you to users in that way. It requires serious dedication.

Makes my site look good

SEO does not make the content of your site quality. It is your and our joint duty to ensure that the content of the site is of high quality. Errors are fixed with SEO. It is recommended by other sites and thus, it rank high in Google.

How much should I pay for SEO?

How much are SEO prices?

The question of how much are SEO prices is one of the most frequently asked questions. There is a great competition in the internet environment, as in every other subject, in SEO. When you search, you will see prices starting from 200 TL. When you get into the business, you realize that there are sites that only do competitor analysis or only fix structural errors at those prices. SEO is never half a job. We think about SEO in a way that it should either be complete or not at all. For this reason, we either offer you full SEO prices or we do not.

Our prices can be variable. The reasons are completely related to the site. We review the sites we buy. How many pages does the site consist of, because each page has to be SEO watered separately. In addition, we offer you our prices by analyzing the quality of the site content and competitor analysis.

Do not be fooled by those who say that with a one-time payment, they will rank you at the top of Google for years. If you stand still, someone will surely pass you by.

SEO is never a short-term effort of 1-2 months. It's not an expenditure, it's an investment in the future.

Let's do an account with you on whether SEO is necessary. Let two rival companies enter the internet with new and similar sites. Have someone pay some money by having SEO done. Others do not want to find SEO unnecessary and give money. Let's assume that an average of 10 people visit both sites per day. The number of visitors to the site increased to 20 per day, as the SEO site found itself in the top positions in Google at the end of 1 month. If even 1 person buys a product or service out of the difference of 10 people, it means that he has earned more than the money allocated for SEO. The site that has SEO will appeal to more customers over time, which will increase the rate of recommendation over time, provide more space in social media and provide an organic customer increase.

We would like to see you among us with our expert staff working with an amateur spirit. Let's work together to be one of the best in the developing internet age.